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A NASA helicopter took pictures of the wreckage of a rover that landed on Mars. This is yet another example of how humans pollute other worlds.

A NASA helicopter captured photos of the equipment that helped the Perseverance rover land on Mars in 2021. Images show debris, including an abandoned parachute, on the floor of the planet’s Jezero crater. Space waste, left behind by humans in orbit or on other planets, is of increasing concern to space agencies. Loading Something is…
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An Ingenuity helicopter takes pictures of a debris field on Mars

During its one-year anniversary flight on April 19, the small helicopter took pictures of the striped parachute used in the landing of Perseverance – often called “7 minutes of terror” because it occurs faster than the radio signals can’t reach Earth from Mars – February 18, 2021. He also spotted the cone-shaped back shell that…
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