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Your cash savings can finally earn a higher return, but only at certain banks

Guido Mieth | Digital Vision | Getty Images Banks are starting to pay a higher return on your money – good news for savers who have watched their stocks languish due to a horrific combination of low interest rates and high inflation. However, some banks are moving faster than others. Some, especially traditional brick-and-mortar stores,…
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Do you fear a recession? Here’s how to prepare your portfolio

Trade FG | iStock | Getty Images More FA Playbook: Here’s a look at other stories impacting the business of financial advisors. “We all understand that markets go through cycles and recession is part of the cycle we may face,” said certified financial planner Elliot Herman, partner at PRW Wealth Management in Quincy, Massachusetts. However,…
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Do you dream of an early retirement? The earlier you retire, the greater the risk, experts warn

Catherine Ziegler | Digital Vision | Getty Images Life can be short, but so can early retirement if you don’t have a solid financial plan for life after work. Whether due to pandemic-induced burnout, a new outlook on life, or optimism fueled by soaring stock and housing markets, more and more Americans appear to be…
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