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Cold, hard, hygienic money? BYU study finds going without cash was ‘useless’ to prevent COVID-19

Liz Atkinson, Quicksilver store manager at Traverse Mountain Outlets in Lehi, cleans a terminal after a transaction on May 1, 2020. Many companies have started encouraging transactions with plastic debit and credit cards as a security measure for fight against the spread of COVID -19. Now, research from BYU indicates that plastic payment cards are…
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Formula supply problem worsens

Manufacturers say they are struggling to stock enough formula across the country, and pictured is the formula Jan. 13 in Chicago. (Scott Olson, Getty Images) Estimated reading time: 3-4 minutes ATLANTA — For months, stores across the country have struggled to stock enough formula. Manufacturers say they are producing at full capacity and making as…
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This Week in Pieces: Markets Slip for Fifth Straight Week, Argentina’s Largest Private Bank Offers Bitcoin Cryptocurrency

This week in parts. Illustration by Mitchell Preffer for Decrypt. For the fifth consecutive weekmajor cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum have fallen, even as signs of wide-scale adoption continue to emerge: US customers of Gucci will be able to pay with bitcoin in select stores later this summer. Still, prices are a good indicator…
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Walmart offers deeper gas discounts to attract and retain subscription service members

As prices soar at the grocery store and gas station, Walmart said Wednesday it will offer deeper fuel discounts to entice more customers to join and renew Walmart+. Chris Cracchiolo, senior vice president and general manager of subscription service Walmart+, said the daily spend is on the minds of many shoppers, “especially in this highly…
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Tripled salaries, big bonuses, on-the-spot offers: recruiters go to great lengths to hire

A year after the United States began recording record sales, exhausted recruiters are putting everything on the table. The recovery from the pandemic economy has proven to be a market for job seekers, with nearly 48 million people leaving jobs last year and 76 million taking new ones. Yet the job market currently has 11…
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