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Massive earthquake swarm in Antarctica suggests awakening of dormant volcano

There is an intriguing analysis just published on a massive earthquake swarm that occurred in Antarctica in 2020. A ‘swarm’ of 85,000 earthquakes in Antarctica that lasted about six months in 2020 was triggered by magma from an undersea volcano, a new study has found. The swarm occurred at Orca Seamount, a deep-sea volcano near…
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The massive MEGARAPTOR was 33 feet long and weighed 5 TONS when it stalked Argentina 70 million years ago

With their sickle claws and agile movements, raptors were undoubtedly one of the most ferocious dinosaurs when they roamed the Earth. Now scientists have discovered the remains of a new species of megaraptor that measured 33 feet long and weighed five tons, which stalked the forests of Argentina 70 million years ago. Researchers from the…
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