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For achievement hunters, this game is torture

Screenshot: Crows Crows Crows / Kotaku 2013 PC indie darling Stanley’s parable released its revised, cross-platform, extended version ultra luxury updated yesterday, which in itself is a remarkably odd act. This version of the game, which might as well be considered a sequel given how new it is, is a Möbius strip of meta within…
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Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Players Pissed About “Short” DLC

Screenshot: Gearbox Watch the news cycle around The wonders of Tiny Tina for a month, it’s like watching the news cycle of a fast-paced game. You know how it goes: the game comes out. Gets positive reviews, fans praise it. DLC hits, is then criticized by fans. Right now it’s basically a framework. Only this…
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Borderlands is having its biggest year yet

Picture: Gearbox The rebirth of a beloved spin-off. A film adaptation (whose casting makes no sense). A main entrance (which unexpectedly feels surprisingly fresh). Yes, it’s safe to say Borderlands is back and having its biggest year in a long time. Borderlands, arguably developer Gearbox’s flagship series, has enjoyed a few bouts of popularity over…
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