Apple Watch SE 2022 may get always-on display, ECG, faster processor and higher price

Apple Watch SE 2022 may get always-on display, ECG, faster processor and higher price

Apple Watch SE 2022 may get always-on display, ECG, faster processor and higher price

Last year, Apple failed to update the most affordable version of its smartwatch line, the Watch SE which it released in the fall of 2020. In keeping with the good tradition of its SE-branded product line, it has apparently decided that the Apple Watch SE will follow in the footsteps of the iPhone SE series and be upgraded once every two years instead of getting annual design or hardware upgrades like the rest of the iPhone or Apple Watch families.

Now a tipster with a good track record when it comes to Apple scoops, LeaksApplePro, has provided inside information that advises all the changes that will arrive with the new Apple Watch SE 2022 edition.

Apple Watch SE 2022 specs and design

  • New S7 processor
  • Same sizes and design 40mm/44mm
  • New heart rate sensor
  • new speaker

The Apple Watch SE 2022 is expected to arrive with a faster S7 processor that Apple makes specifically for its Series 7 wearables, and that cleans the floor with the Watch SE 2020’s S5 chipset.

That’s not as surprising, because that’s what Apple usually does with the SE series of products, releasing them with the current best-in-class processor, but keeping them on that same performance leash longer than their peers.

The iPhone SE, for example, spent two years on the 7nm Apple A13 Bionic processor before switching to Apple’s latest 5nm A15 Bionic that powers the iPhone 13 series, so the Apple Watch SE 2022 arriving with an S7 silicon is quite explainable and believable.

In addition, the report claims that the affordable Apple Watch SE 2022 will offer “better sound”, as well as a new heart rate sensor that will allow it to improve the ECG output function that it shares with Apple Watch models. More expensive series.

What won’t be new, however, is the design, insiders report, as any new Apple Watch SE 2022 hardware is said to be the exact same shape and form as its predecessor. It will therefore arrive in the same 40mm and 44mm size options that the Watch SE 2020 currently offers.

Will the Apple Watch SE 2022 have an always-on display?

Yes, Apple is reportedly upgrading the Watch SE 2022 display to enable always-on display functionality at the hardware level without any software shenanigans, a feature that will borrow directly from its larger and more expensive Apple Watch siblings.

The always-on display on Apple’s smartwatches, which were one of the first devices to use LG’s LTPO OLED displays, has landed as one of the The Series 5’s signature options and the fact that it’s missing on the modest Watch SE model might have been a deal-breaker for some potential buyers.

In the always-on display mode of the Apple Watch, the time is always visible, along with the most recent active app and the watch face, for example, unless you choose to disable the feature and save on battery.

Since the Apple Watch Series 5 and above, as well as the Watch SE all sport an LTPO panel that not only allows variable refresh rate to be used, but also makes always-on mode possible, the Watch SE is theoretically capable to have the feature, and it was rumored that Apple might one day enable it via a software update.

Of course, that day never came, because Apple isn’t one to work in such mysterious ways. Instead, it may have simply carried over the always-on display feature from the Apple Watch SE 2022, which is its usual salami tactic of adding just a few of all possible new features each time. further upgrade to maintain both customer interest and production. costs under control.

Apple Watch SE Price 2022

Speaking of production costs, the price of the Apple Watch SE 2022 would not stay the same as its predecessor’s launch tag. While the Apple Watch SE 2022 is expected to start from $299, just $20 difference from the Apple Watch SE’s $279 release price, it is allegedly more expensive than before, while still retaining its coveted rating of under $300.

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