How to check if your AirPods Pro are eligible for a free replacement

How to check if your AirPods Pro are eligible for a free replacement

How to check if your AirPods Pro are eligible for a free replacement

Apple’s AirPods Pro are some of our favorite wireless headphones with active noise cancellation. Even though they were first launched in 2019, they follow the new wireless headphones (including the new AirPods 3).

They’re not perfect though – some AirPods Pro users are experiencing charging issues, with active noise cancellation, or one of the earbuds not working properly. Most of these issues can be fixed with a simple factory reset, which any user can perform in less than a minute.

But if you’re still having audio issues, it could just be a fault. Apple admitted that “a small percentage” of AirPods Pro units manufactured before October 2020 had specific sound issues. If your AirPods Pro were manufactured within the affected date range, you can get them replaced for free at your local Apple store.

What issues are covered?

Apple has recognized two sound issues that are widespread enough to offer this service program:

  • Crackles or static sounds that increase in noisy environments, with exercise, or while talking on the phone.
  • Active noise cancellation not working as expected, such as loss of bass sound or increase in background noise, such as street or airplane noise.

If these issues affect one or both of your headphones, a specialist can inspect them to make sure they are covered and give you a replacement pair of headphones. You will not receive a new charging case.

How do I know if my AirPods Pro are covered?

If you purchased your AirPods Pro before October 2020, they’re definitely covered. You can make an appointment at the Apple Store and get your replacement headphones without any hassle.

If you purchased your AirPods Pro after October 2020, chances are they could still have been manufactured before the deadline. Unfortunately, there’s no way to enter your serial number online and check your eligibility yourself – you’ll need to contact Apple Support with some information about your model. It will be easier if you have an iPhone to pair your AirPods Pro with.

  • On your iPhone, go to your “Settings” app.
  • Scroll down to find and tap “Bluetooth”.
  • Under the “My Devices” heading, locate the AirPods Pro you want to check and tap the info icon to the right. Here you will be able to see a model number, serial number, and version code for your device.

You can find your AirPods Pro serial number in your Bluetooth settings.

If you don’t have access to this information because you don’t have a phone handy, don’t worry, you can still physically find your serial number. You will find the serial number under the cover of your charging case. We recommend trying to take a photo and zoom in if you have trouble reading the small text.

You can also find your AirPods Pro serial number on the charging case.Apple

  • Once you have this information, go to Apple’s support page. Type “AirPods Pro” into the form under the “Tell us what’s going on” heading.
  • On the next page, click “Chat” or “Call” under the Contact header.
  • Your AirPods Pro may appear under a list of your known devices on the next page. If not, just click “Enter a serial number” and enter the number we found earlier.

Every chat or phone call with Apple Support will be a little different, but all you have to do is explain the issues you’re having, mention the replacement option, and ask if they can verify the number. to see if your unit is eligible. The support contact may first try to guide you through some troubleshooting steps.

If your device is eligible, you’ll be prompted to book an appointment at your nearest Apple store, where a specialist will recheck your AirPods Pro and issue you with replacement earbuds if there’s no further damage from the device. ‘user.


This program is great if you’ve had issues with your AirPods Pro, but there are a few limitations to note:

  • The repair program has been around for a while, but has recently been expanded a bit. Users now have until October 2022 to take advantage of this program and replace their headphones. This is three years after the units first retailed with noted issues.
  • Obtaining a replacement pair of earbuds does not extend the standard AirPods Pro warranty coverage.

It’s possible that Apple will extend the program again, but with the release of AirPods Max, AirPods 3 and rumors of a new AirPods Pro model starting to swirl, the company is unlikely to drag out repairs on those aging headphones.

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