Overwatch 2 Beta Has Support Players Feeling Left Out

Overwatch 2 Beta Has Support Players Feeling Left Out

Overwatch 2 Beta Has Support Players Feeling Left Out

Mercy sighs in exasperation as she sits in front of a laptop, coffee in hand, as an explosion goes off in the background.

Someone call whambulance.
Picture: Blizzard / Kotaku / FPG (Getty Images)

the Monitor 2 The beta is here, and it’s got goodies for tank and damage players who’ve gotten a bunch of new bells and whistles to play around with. But alas, the healers, the cornerstone of the team shooter, feel left out. Blizzard has just rolled out a patch for the beta, and while it’s implemented neater tweaks to many of the game’s heroes, the major supports involved have had their end of the stick.

Players seem to be having fun with the Monitor 2 beta, testing significant character redesigns like Doomfist and Orisa, and upload clips of themselves appearing in the beta’s faster-paced deathmatch-style gameplay. However, certain format changes introduced later – such as the presence of only one tank position per team and the abundance of flanking opportunities on the larger maps of the game – left healers more vulnerable than they were. were before. Surveillance.

“Blizzard has managed to make roles more fun to play, but support [characters] seem to be the most vulnerable role to play,” Surveillance YouTuber Stylosa said in a video. While tanks have become “heavier” versions of their Surveillance (I refuse to call him Monitoring 1) counterparts, Stylosa said the supporting characters were “living on the edge” in the beta.

While “living on the edge” has long been the cross that Surveillance support that veterans have to endure, the vulnerability is even more marked in Monitor 2is beta. That’s not to say the supporting characters haven’t been given anything new to protect themselves with. In fact, supports at all levels received passive health regeneration, something that was previously exclusive to Mercy. Oh, did you expect something more? Sorry. Apart from a few minutes patch note changes, healers were left virtually untouched by their Surveillance versions.

Where do adjustments to the overall game format leave our healers largely unchanged? The name of the game for support in Monitor 2, in addition to increasing damage and keeping everyone alive, is maneuverability. If your character can’t keep up in those tough, fast times, your ass is grass.

In the spirit of keeping my stale colleague Surveillance refugees briefed on the state of their support network, I’ve broken down the changes to today’s patch notes and ranked the characters based on who got the rawest deal from the Monitor 2 beta, and looking pretty good right now.


Zenyatta prepares to cast his Orb of Discord and Harmony at an enemy.

For the low price of 99 free, you can save this bot from untimely death on the battlefield.
Picture: Snow storm

Zeniatta, mate, I’m sorry. You have nothing new in the latest patch notes for Overwatch 2 beta. While it’s usually a good thing to hear that your main didn’t receive a patch change, Zenyatta was already an “Oh, so you wanna die?” supports character with shields having the structural strength of a Nature Valley bar. My man is still floating around with the molasses, so I hope the Zenyatta pipes don’t get rusty with their alternate fire, or you’ll end up like Mondatta on the battlefield.


Brigitte poses in front of a police car on the Busan map in Overwatch.

There’s a defund joke somewhere here but I’m above making it.
Picture: Snow storm

Brigittethe scourge of many Surveillance player’s existence for its shield stuns, got the most comprehensive overhauls of Monitor 2of any support character. Chief among them, his shield slam no longer stuns enemies. Instead, it deals damage, increased by 1 to 50. To compensate for this, its range is increased to 12 meters, its cooldown is reduced by five seconds, and barriers no longer stop its hits.

The people on the r/Overwatch subreddit wonders if Brigitte is a shadow of her former self, but thanks to her larger shield and health, she’s more durable as a support than she was before.


Baptiste launches an immortality field on the battlefield.

“Thank you Baptist!” “Oh you are welcome!”
Picture: Snow storm

Baptist is probably the only support to get a net-positive with the beta patch. His Regenerative Boost, had his allied healing power increased from 75% to 100%, and his primary fire’s minimum falloff range reduced from 25 yards to 20 yards. Baptiste can still heal from a distance with grenades, and his jump abilities allow him to reach a higher vantage point and get out of harm’s way.


Ana looks through the scope of her rifle.

“Ana boosts” always comes in the clutch.
Picture: Snow storm

Anneone of the most demanding supporting characters to master, seems to thrive in the Monitor 2 beta due to his ability to control crowds with his healing/damage grenades. The only change to his kit since the last patch is that his sleep dart cooldown has been increased from 12 to 15 seconds. While your mileage may vary depending on your skill level, Ana’s survivability depends on your ability to pick your shots, especially with your sleep dart. Only shoot if you are certain.


Lucio glides over the walls of a crumbling cityscape.

Footage taken seconds before the “boop” tragedies.
Picture: Snow storm

lucioManeuverability remains unmatched. His kit also remains mostly unchanged, aside from his ultimate, Sound Barrier, reduced by 12%. He can still slide through walls as well, if not better, than his OW version, and you can take advantage of the wider spaces of the cards to slide to the rhythm of your own drum.


Mercy winces as she brandishes her side gun.

All her life she had to fight.
Picture: Snow storm

According to Surveillance YouTuber apartments, PityChanges are “quality of life” improvements for players and teammates. These QOL features include a HUD that more clearly displays damage increases and healing. As for getting out of Dodge when the going gets tough, Mercy can still slide towards allies if they are in line of sight. So if you see a DPS character taking a break, be sure to use this new ping system and let them know you’re on their six.


Moira poses majestically as Doomfist and Sombra dance around her.

Medical malpractice is sometimes helpful.
Picture: Snow storm

Of all the supporting characters, Moira (which happens to be my main) is probably the best when it comes to survivability. While she and Zenyatta didn’t have their kits altered in the last patch, Moira’s maneuverability as a support gives her a bit more of an edge over other characters. With her fade ability, Moira can avoid any risky encounters with the enemy team. In addition to passive health regen from each support, Moira’s Biotic Grasp, Biotic Orb, and her ultimate, Biotic Ray, triple to heal herself while dealing damage to the enemy team.

Although my ratings could all be undone by the hit of another patch update (something from the old ‘ Surveillance used to), at least the supports can console themselves by not getting pissed off so often for losing the game. They will probably be tanks now since there is only one per team. Yet, it is still a difficult life. Godspeed, support the players. You are doing the lord’s work.

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