It sucks to be an Overwatch 2 support player

It sucks to be an Overwatch 2 support player

It sucks to be an Overwatch 2 support player

Overwatch 2 support players have it tough. As Moira’s single turn, I’ve never had it particularly easy in Overwatch 1 either – the support role is by far the most necessary and underrated element of competitive matches, and a single turn can draw the wrath of five angry team members. . But Overwatch 2 support players are feeling the pain more than ever before, thanks in large part to the new 5v5 composition that removes tanks from the equation. While Blizzard Agreed Overwatch 2 Support Heroes Need Some Loveyou won’t see a major change unless the company does something bold but unlikely: revert to 6v6.

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In Overwatch 2 5v5 beta matches, singular tank players often play the “non-tank” role, meaning they play as a tank without a shield. Orisa (who was a main tank in Overwatch 1 with a deployable shield) moved into the off-tank role thanks to a major rework that makes her much more aggressive and dipping. As such, she’s a popular choice for tank players looking to test out her new skills – and she’s a lot of fun, so I understand the appeal. The same goes for Doomfist, who got a major overhaul that transitions him from DPS to tanking (though he’s yet another off-tank).

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