PAX East 2022: 10 of our favorites from this year’s show

PAX East 2022: 10 of our favorites from this year’s show

PAX East 2022

Some of the coolest upcoming games we saw at the show

PAX East 2022 was weird. It was my first time attending the show since the pandemic put an end to in-person conventions. And it was nice to see old friends, new faces, and lots of interesting indie games back in Boston.

Throughout my four days, I wandered the showroom, checking out many games along the way. And to be clear, I haven’t seen it all. Despite all the effort and a leaner than usual year, there was still a lot on the floor that I never got a chance to check.

But among the list of what I saw, a few in particular stood out. So without further ado, here are some games to watch from PAX East 2022.


Take a bit of every platformer you’ve dug up in the past, mix it up, and you’re somewhere in the ballpark of Lucid. a little ago Celestial and metroidplus some influence from the time trial speedrun, and a Super Light Wanderer-adjacent style.

But the comparisons don’t quite do justice to seeing it in motion. It ties it all together in a game that, even in a hands-on demo behind closed screens, felt tight and fast. This little indie project was one of my favorites of the weekend, and while I only saw a small slice of it, I’m extremely interested to see what developer Eric Manahan has in store for the future. .

Find it on Steam here.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge

What more should I say? TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge went exactly as I had hoped. It’s energetic, upbeat, easy to pick up, and a joy to master.

It’s full of charm, the way one would want a Saturday morning brawler to play. The Turtles, Splinter, and April all feel unique and worth swapping around the list to check out. I’m glad this retro brawler looks so good.

Find it on Steam here.

Cursed at golf

Someone in the comments section of my preview asked why so many indies are taking on golf in particular. It’s been a few days since, and I feel like Cursed at golf provides the answer.

Golf itself is a malleable sport. You have clubs, a ball and a hole where you have to hit the ball. Everything in between is entirely up to the designer; the course can take all the twists and turns it wants. Cursed at golf does just that, turning a great golf game into a platforming, puzzle-solving, and route-planning roguelike full of challenges and fun characters. It’s a clever reinterpretation in the vein of golf history and What is Golfand deserves to be watched.

Find it on Steam, with a demo, here.


The demo I tried out at PAX East 2022 was actually the same one I played last year, so I don’t have much new to report on the Signalis front.

It’s also a very good thing, because I was more than happy to play this excellent demo again and still be so excited for the full game. This lo-fi, sci-fi survival horror with classics resident Evil vibes is at the top of my watch list. If you love alien tech variety horror, don’t let Signalis pass.

Find it on Steam here.

Worship of the Lamb

This was one of the big surprises for me. Not because I didn’t know Worship of the Lamb; I had seen it appear in showcases and trailers. But I didn’t think I was the target demographic for this one.

Behind the admittedly fun contrast of cute and spooky, beyond the roguelite action, there’s a side of base-building management that caught my eye. Building a cult means building, after all. And I can’t wait to build my own adorable pet after when Worship of the Lamb finally falls.

Find it on Steam here.

Lego Brick Tales

Few games have captured my childhood like Lego Brick Tales, a game about equal parts physics and Lego bricks. It’s a fun adventure through a dioramic world that lets you solve problems with lots of plastic bricks.

Snap them together, then send them through the robot and see if it holds. It’s a surprisingly simple concept that works very, very well in the world of Lego. Keep an eye on Brick Tales if you want more hands-on building in your virtual Lego experiences.

Find it on Steam here.

rusty moss

I managed to grab a spot on the rusty moss set up in the PAX Rising area between appointments which was a surprise in itself. It attracted quite a few people there, and after playing it, it’s easy to see why.

rusty moss has bullet hell elements, metroid, Contraand even Bionic Commando. It looks great, is fun to play, and swinging through gaps with my blazing barrel on enemies was amazing. It ticks an incredible number of boxes and, even in a short demo, makes a lasting impression.

Find it on Steam, with a demo, here.


The path Potionomics blending several genres that I really enjoy together into one cohesive brew is pretty amazing. Sell ​​potions to meet people, date those people, get their cards, and haggle better at the store. Build decks, research rarer ingredients, and meet the needs of a city full of adventurers and mysteries.

Add a touch of pretty excellent character design and animation, and Potionomics seems to fit together well. I’m excited to mix, socialize and sell later this year.

Find it on Steam here.

Demonic Accelerator

The pitch for Demonic Accelerator is quite different from your usual game. This is a physical game only, for the Nintendo Switch. And while I’m cautious about the approach, I admit it’s a pretty fun game to play.

Demonic Accelerator is a fairly challenging top-down shooter for two (or one person with character switching). It has RPG elements and lots of funny jokes. The hero duo seeks revenge on a demon: the vampire because she took his chalices, and the gunslinger because he slept with his wife. It’s funny, very retro and very funny. My only concern is that more people won’t be able to play it because it’s currently sold out on the site. Hope the making doesn’t stop you from having a great time with it. Demonic Accelerator.

Fight Quest

Wrestling and RPGs turn out to be an amazing mix in Fight Quest. At first glance, it’s easy to get caught up in the pixel art and turn-based battles where multiple fighters face off in the ring.

Show up for it, but stick around for the surprisingly good storytelling and handling of darker subject matter. The narrative in this film doesn’t pack a punch, and it has a star-studded lineup of wrestling legends to boot.

Find it on Steam here.

And one final note, special PAX East 2022 shoutouts to Match pointa four-player competition pong-alike which has already been released and was extremely fun to play; and Arena of tough love, a free browser-based fighting game. They are both already released, but are definitely worth the effort.

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